What’s New in Poetry Land?

2020 in a Nutshell

In 2020, my book, Notes from the Girl Cave, came out… right about when the pandemic hit. We planted a lot of hibiscuses. I wrote some poems and published a few in Verse-Virtual and The Door Is a Jar. I started a poetry reading group—Zoom, of course—with some friends. So far, we’ve read Thomas Lux’s Split Horizon, Vita Nova, by Louise Glück, and The Beauty, by Jane Hirshfield. Our current read is Hold, by Bob Hicok. I love my reading group! 

Welcome, 2021!

2021 is improving already, with a decent man as our president. I have had a few acceptances from Verse-Virtual, Dissonance, and Misfit Magazine. Stay tuned for publication dates! And on February 5, I’ll be reading a single poem as part of Verse-Virtual’s Book Party, so stay tuned for links.

Here I go…

A website doesn’t feel like a poem. It feels like a black hole into which good intentions for the day disappear as I wrangle with internet lingo and the randomness of WordPress. I chase a pretty color and wake up five hours later with a page called Sarah Goes There and a pile of dirty dishes. The headache and hangry and time lost of starting a website is more like doing taxes than writing a poem.